shaderLABS is a community of developers and users looking to make the shader community easier to access.


Official Support

Most, if not all Minecraft Shader developers are on ShaderLABS - any questions you may have are easily answered. Some of the developers include Sonic Ether, DeDelner, Chocapic, Sildur, sp614x and many more.

a place to share ideas

Do you have an idea for your favorite Shaderpack? The developers want to hear it! ShaderLABS is where you can share your ideas, concerns, and desires with the developers.

discover new shaders

In ShaderLABS, you might find your new, favorite Shaderpack to meet your needs. There is a Shaderpack for every tone, atmosphere, and theme you can think of.


Join Us in game

ShaderLABS has it's own official Creative Minecraft Server that uses the Conquest Reforged Modpack, To play, simply follow the installation instructions on the Conquest Reforged website and join the server using the IP below. You as a member have access to 2 64 x 64 Block Plots and World Edit. Larger and Smaller plots will be added in the future, as well as a ShaderLABS Bukkit survival and factions server!